Christmas Card Lane Information

Christmas Card Lane

Christmas Card Lane is an annual showcase presented by the Madison Arts Council. Homes along Church and Front Street in the Historical section of Downtown Madison will have custom painted Christmas cards on display for the holiday season. It is a great way to showcase the downtown area.

How are the Christmas Cards constructed?
The cards are 4x6 sheets of plywood that have been painted by either a professional artist or an art student in the local school system.

How will the cards be displayed and erected?
MAC will place the cards uniformly along the road at a point that is roughly six feet from the curb/sidewalk. MAC will deliver and setup each card, place a front facing spot light to illuminate the card at night, run an extension cord to an outside power outlet on the property, and include a timer that automatically turns the spot light on at dusk and off four hours later. (Roughly 5pm to 9pm) Since some homeowners incorporate other outdoor holiday elements to their yard, they may wish to use their own timer (to encompass all lights/automated features) and/or extension cords. If you do not need MAC to supply extension cords or a timer, please mark it on the consent form.

As a homeowner, what are my responsibilities?
We kindly ask that you serve as a guardian over the card. If wind blows it over, place it upright. If something on the card is damaged or if the lighting stops working, we ask that you let MAC know (256) 682-7686 Tina Clark) so we can correct it quickly. Since the spot lights are electrical, we kindly ask that you allow us to use a power outlet on the outside of your house/building. (MAC does not cover any additional electrical fees, which should be minimal < $5)

Can I select the card that will be placed on my property?
We ask participating artists to create Christmas cards in one of three categories: whimsical, religious, or traditional. On the Host Consent Form, you can mark which card theme you prefer. If you plan to include additional outdoor holiday decorations, please et us know that information too. We will try to allocate a card that will complement your personal outdoor decorations. (Example: I will be using bright reds and greens. Or, I will be using Victorian style elements in my outdoor Christmas decorations.)

Will cards from the previous year be used again this year? Several cards from previous years will be used again. However, we will be introducing new cards too.

For questions:  Contact Tina Clark with the Madison Arts Council at (256) 682-7686 or email