301 Church Street

Professor T. G. Riddle, principal of Madison School (the old two-story building), built the Hughes home in 1910. He owned a horse which he kept in the back yard. The concrete watering trough is still behind the home. The family played tennis in the back yard; the lot was enclosed by a board fence.

Professor Riddle and his son, Harry, who owned the home next door on the north side (the Walton-Hughes home), were in the banking business together. Professor Riddle left Madison in the 1920's.  At that time, a Mrs. Merts from Huntsville purchased the home and rented it to various tenants. She later sold the home to Mrs. Etta Lewis who was the mother of Mrs. Gordon "Mattie Belle" Hughes. The home and lot sold for three thousand dollars.

The present owners are Don Hughes Spencer and his wife, Patsy. Mr. Spencer is the great-grandson of Mrs. Etta Lewis, the grandson of Mattie Belle and Gordon Hughes and the son of Barbara Ann Hughes and Donald Spencer.