306 Church Street Gillespie- McDermott- Andrewjeski Home

The Gillespie-Wikle home was built in 1987 by William H. Gillespie. Thomas Logan Bradford
and his wife Fannie Burton moved into the home in 1906. Tom was a pharmacist working with
his future father-in-law, John Mullins Burton. In 1905 he bought another drugstore in Madison
in partnership with James Harvey Pride-- not the senior of that name (a state senator), but his grandson.  In 1918, citing bad business, Tom Bradford committed suicide by overdosing on morphine from his drugstore.  Fannie was left with two daughters and moved into the house of her father John Burton at 21 Front Street.

Mrs. Ora Wikle, a Madison school teacher, lived in the home for approximately twenty years. She was the daughter-in-law of Dr. Luther L. Wikle, a Madison physician who lived across the street at 309 Church Street. Mrs. Wikle built an addition to the north side of the home and rented this as an apartment for a number of years.

The home has had several owners over the years. Stephen and Brenda Hopkins purchased the home
in 1982. They later sold it to Dale and JoAnn McDermott.

In 1998, Mike and Nell McMinn purchased the home. They replaced the old kitchen with a new one
along with cosmetic touches through-out the home. They also added a white picket fence to the front
yard. Michael and Judy Andrewjeski most recently lived in this home but they have recently sold the home and moved.